What if you and your team acted as smart as you are?

You would be even more awesome than you are now!

With clarity, communication, and trust,
people and teams perform to their potential.

As a Leader

Inspire Results
  • Create clarity and cooperation
  • Bridge differences
  • Exceed expectations

As Consultant or Coach

Be a Catalyst for Change
  • Keep your clients focused
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their experience
  • Expand your impact

“Intelligence is the ability to discern, to act, and to learn. Syntax sharpens all three.”

—Lucy Freedman, author of Smart Work: The Syntax Guide to Influence

Our most important goals rest on our ability to coordinate with each other. We each bring our own ways of communicating. Syntax helps us bridge differences and achieve brilliantly by giving us a shared language for how to get things done.

The concept and practice of Syntax is the five part Structure – the behavioral system – that brings out our collective intelligence and accelerates our ability to achieve our chosen goals.

Specifically, the Syntax for Change enables people to define shared goals, negotiate beneficial agreements, strengthen mutual understanding, take ownership of their work, and create positive cultures where people thrive.


“People uncover their personal power as they learn the skills to express it.”

—Lucy Freedman, CEO and Founder, Syntax for Change


Build the five core skills into your organization’s culture and practices

Lead effectively from wherever you are

Be a role model and mentor for people who work with  you

Consultants and Coaches

Gain a deep understanding of what your clients need to learn from you

Develop exquisite precision for one-to-one and team coaching

Increase confidence and fluency in facilitation

Syntax Community

Expand your knowledge base

Generate and share ideas

Keep up to date with major trends in workplace evolution

“If it doesn’t work for all of us,
it doesn’t really work for any of us.
That’s why we need to be good at communicating,
collaborating, cooperating, and being conscious.”

—Lucy Freedman

How Direct Are You?

You think you’re being direct in your communication. This is a highly valued quality in business culture in the US and other western countries. Being direct is useful because it saves time, keeps the air clear, and moves the action forward. Even with this espoused...

The Work You Do

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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Communication and Influence Skills?

We manage our everyday work and personal lives, communicating perfectly well, thank you, and generally do fine with it. People are flexible, we make requests that are clear enough, things get done. Why would we want to mess with something that’s working?Here are some...

When Was the Last Time You Sharpened Your Syntax?

No matter what we are doing, our results rest on how we do it. Zen teacher Cheri Huber says, "How you do anything is how you do everything." If we could fathom our own patterns, and the ways they serve and don't serve us, much of what annoys and derails us might be...

Pay Attention to the Step You Are On

Who in today’s world is NOT dealing with overload of stimuli, things to do, information to keep track of, and personal pressures? It’s a challenge for one person, in one body, to keep up. Our mental strategies for coping are not necessarily the most useful. As Cheri...

How to Probe Like a Pro

Smart, helpful types (like you and me), are truly interested in what others have to say. We want to understand more than just the surface level, sometimes because we want to empathize, sometimes because we need or want to know more for its own sake. Questioning can...

“Sometimes the questions are complicated
and the answers are simple.”

—Dr. Seuss

Client Quotes


“The Syntax course has become my foundation for learning how to work with people. Not a day goes by without using something that I learned from the course. I truly believe that my rise to becoming a competent project manager was accelerated greatly by the quality time spent in one-on-one and telephone coaching.”

– Carol Marsh, R&D Project Manager, Lightwave Division, Agilent Technologies

“This was the best training I have had here. Syntax has enhanced my ability to handle all aspects of my current job. My team supports manufacturing customers, so I have a better understanding of manufacturing, better relationship with management, and people skills.”
-Jim Finch, EDS

“I am particularly aware of the value of Syntax when I am walking around those impromptu opportunities for hallway coaching. As I hear how people are thinking and leading, I can remind them of the material. It has given us a whole new language for informal coaching.”
– Dave Bass, Vice President and General Manager, Lightwave Division, Agilent Technologies

“The positive outcomes of taking the Syntax course far exceeded my expectations. Lucy is a master of observing and improving human communication. Working with her and fellow “Influence” classmates had a direct impact on my ability to significantly grow my business this year.”
– Therese Kollerer, President, Lexington Capital Management

“I sent one of my best technical/worst people skills engineers, and you were able to do what all our in-house programs, and even Dale Carnegie couldn’t. This man is now a successful customer service representative. Thank you.”

– J. Luchessi, IBM

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